About Us


We're Ted & Bubs, nice to meet you ✨

   Headshot of Ted                           Headshot of Bubs
If you are reading this, you have discovered our whimsical little world full of goods, trinkets and treasures. Have a look around and explore our wonderful collection made up of handmade, curated and vintage wares.

We've been selling on Depop since April 2021, but decided that it was time to create a dedicated website for Ted & Bubs.

Where does "Ted & Bubs" come from?

Simple, it's who we are:

  • Ted, our teddy bear 🐻, takes care of all our technical needs and wants in order to provide a pleasant shopping experience. He is also involved in curating store products and makes sure to stick to our criteria in order to find the cutest, most suitable products.
  • Bubs, our little froggy 🐸, is a multi-disciplinary creative who is in charge of designing and creating all handmade Ted & Bubs products. They also have a vast knowledge of vintage products, particularly vintage costume jewellery. Bubs is in charge of hunting down vintage finds and curating store products in cooperation with Ted.


Sketch of jewellery design with materials laid out under it   Vintage dish holding seed beads and beaded forget-me-nots


What We Offer

  • Handmade - Bubs is a real buff when it comes to creating jewellery and other accessories, their creations can be found all over the website. Their main inspirations are nature, history and otherworldly realms ✨
  • Curated - A lot of our time is spent curating and finding items that embody our aesthetic and inspirations, all items that are not vintage or handmade by Bubs, are carefully selected with our specific criteria in mind 🔎
  • Vintage - We have a love for vintage items, not only because these objects have so much soul to them, but also because buying vintage instead of brand new products helps the planet by reducing waste 🌿 



Mother nature is one of our biggest inspirations, so of course, we care about the environment 🍃

All Ted & Bubs orders are sent using eco-friendly, recycled and recyclable packaging, you won't find any plastic packaging in your order.

As all orders come with an order confirmation email, which has a full summary of your purchase, we do not provide physical packing slips in your parcels. This helps us keep our use of paper to a minimum.



Because we care about the planet and the wonderful people living on it, we support some charities with each sale. Of every sale that we make here at Ted & Bubs 5% of the item's price is donated to charity.
We also offer our customers to make a small charity donation during the checkout process, of course, this is fully optional. 

Currently, we are supporting the following charities:

- Show Racism The Red Card: The UK’s leading anti-racism educational charity.
- Mermaids: Helping gender-diverse kids, young people and their families since 1995.
- JUST ONE Tree: A non-profit initiative removing CO2 from the atmosphere through global reforestation.

We hand-pick charities and rotate between different charities. When we do rotate to different charities, this list will be updated so you are always in the know about who we are supporting. ❤️